We combine Business Angel investment with expertise in hyper growth of global startup success

What we do

We seek to link investors with great ideas.
To accomplish that, we make our priority to provide smart capital, adding value to every investment.



Excellent investment opportunities.

Invest alongside (other) tech and investment experts.

Synergy between the traditional and the new internet businesses.

Flexibility and full discretion on each investment decision.



Access to value-adding strategic money.

Great network.

Direct relationship with entrepreneur angel investors.

Entrepreneur-friendly and multidisciplinary investors.



Access to great deals at a global level.

Partake in investment carry, through deal sourcing and due diligence.

Attractive investment terms.

Opportunity to access venture advisory roles.

Who we are

Bull Partners is managed by Alberto and Manuel. In total we are a group of eleven internal partners and external investors from our network, including other investment funds, that co-invest with us.

We are founders, investors and executive team members in stand-out technology companies and other sector leading companies.

Alberto Cuevas



Manuel Diez del Corral




We have invested in several start ups in seed stage on different sectors.

Contact Us



Get in touch with us to send us your company deck for investment consideration or for more information about investing opportunities through our networks.

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